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Results-driven small business solutions. Learn more about Simple’s business services including: cost reduction, marketing strategy, marketing plan execution, media management, graphic design and website design.

Cost Reduction

Cost Reduction Service for Small Businesses Running Low on Money If you operate on a 10% cash flow margin, then every $1 in cost savings is worth the same as $10 of revenue.  The impact of cost reduction is rapid and significant.  Every dollar of cost savings goes directly to the bottom line of your business.

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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy - Choose the Right Direction Simple Marketing Strategy dissects each step of the 'decision journey' to develop a powerful, profitable marketing strategy to win new customers, increase the buying frequency of existing customers, and deepen customer loyalty over the long term.

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Marketing Plan Execution

Marketing Plan Execution Brilliant strategy without flawless execution is useless. Protect your valuable time and energy. Focus on the things you do best. Allow Simple Business Solutions to design and execute a common-sense, integrated marketing plan to increase your sales.

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Media Management

Media Management - Optimize Media Mix Simple Business Solutions applies mathematics to design the optimal media mix and negotiate the most efficient media buy possible. Your media plan becomes results driven and cost effective. Simple Business Solutions becomes your Media Manager.

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Graphic + Website Design

Creative Graphic Design + Web Design - Engage Prospects Simple Business Solutions executes purpose-driven design. The challenge is to unite form with function to engage prospects and win new customers. The result is stunning design that engages prospects, generates leads and results in increased sales.

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Cut Costs to Increase Sales

Break free from the vicious cash flow crunch. Cut costs to repurpose cash flow for investment in profit generating activities that increase sales and cash flow.

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Outsource Marketing

Find out why Simple's resources and prowess will help you win new customers, increase the purchasing frequency of existing customers and deepen customer loyalty.

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