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4 Powerful Uses for Social Media in Business

Uses for Social Media in BusinessYou’ve read my latest posts, Social Media: Is It Worth the Time and Effort? and Social Media: Is It Really Better than Traditional Marketing? You’ve answered all the important questions and have determined that the use of social media is a good fit with your current marketing plan. Now, let’s explore four powerful ways to use social media in business:


How often is it that we can listen in on conversations between customers and/or prospects about our businesses? Social media is unique in that we hear the unbridled, unfiltered information from customer conversations. Use the insight gained through listening to hone your marketing message, define motivating special offers and improve the customer experience your business delivers.

Amplify Word of Mouth

After a positive purchase experience ask customers to share their experience through social media.

Deepen Loyalty

Provide special privileges to customers that connect with your business through social media. This could mean access to customer support, exclusive content, special offers, etc. that are available only to them.

Influence the Decision Journey

For business owners competing against other firms who dominate top-of-mind awareness, social media presents a unique opportunity to interrupt and influence the consumer’s decision journey. When your business is shared and positively talked about on social media by individuals or other entities with influence over your target audience, you can inject your brand into the prospect’s consideration set during the evaluation phase of the decision journey. This word-of-mouth introduction to the prospect is highly valuable and can lead you to new business.

The potential benefit derived from using social media in these ways is profound. If you would like to explore why social media for business is important, check out this article from Social Media Today.

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