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Business Cost Reduction Remix: Popular Posts of the Past 3 Months

Business Cost Reduction RemixMuch like a DJ will put a new spin on a popular song, here's my remix of the five most talked about, shared and linked to business cost reduction posts from the last three months of the Simple Business Solutions blog. If you missed them when they were first released, now's your chance...So drop it like it's hot and start reading!

73 Cost Cutting Ideas for Small Business Cost Reduction

Small business cost reduction is a force multiplier on your cash flow. If you don’t know where to begin cutting costs, I’ve compiled a list of 73 cost cutting ideas to help you reduce expenses and improve profitability. But first, let’s look at three common business mistakes you must avoid.

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How to Read an ATT Phone Bill

Much like merchant services fees invoices for telecommunications services can be difficult to understand. Here are some quick tips on how to read your ATT phone bill or conduct an ‘apples-to-apples’ cost comparison with other providers.

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Merchant Services: Perplexing as Dark Matter

Galaxies are complex, gravitationally bound systems that consist of billions of stars, gas, dust and an important but mysterious component called dark matter. This strange substance is an enigma to even the most intelligent humanoids.

Just as dark matter is a puzzle to scientists, merchant services -- more specifically the components of credit card processing fees -- are a puzzle to business owners.

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Repurposing Cash Flow: How Rethinking Your Current Credit Card Processing Could Pay for Your Next Vacation

As a business owner, you work long, hard hours and look forward to the day when you can take time off to recoup. When you dream about vacationing, the first thing you might wonder is “How can I afford a getaway?”

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Free Credit Card Terminal Programs – Good or Bad for your Bottom Line?

Free credit card terminals sound appealing, right? After all, who wants to shell out the cash to buy or lease a new credit card terminal? I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Well there’s no such thing as a free credit card terminal program either. There is always, I repeat always, a “gotcha.”

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