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Case Study: What can a client insight survey do for my business?

Fresh Perspective Ahead-Client Insight SurveyThe following case study demonstrates the power of collecting client insight. By working with Simple Business Solutions, this company gained insight into customer perceptions; they learned how and why customers and prospects make buying decisions. The results achieved are listed below.

The Client

A mid-sized regional B2B construction firm with $75MM - $100MM in annual sales, and 300 – 500 employees. The firm, founded in 1966, serves clients in the Western U.S.

The Project

Two Insight Survey projects to guide the company’s leadership and marketing decisions.

Desired Outcomes
  1. Understand existing and potential customer attitudes and perceptions about the firm relative to its competitors.
  2. Identify the most important influencers that affect the decision to use the firm’s product/services, or a competitor’s.
  3. Pinpoint the most important attributes of doing business with the company, and the firm’s performance in delivering on these attributes relative to competitors.
  4. Generate sales from leads sufficient to cover costs of Insight Survey project.

The Results

Population Size:


Sample Size:


Target Confidence Level:


Target Confidence Interval:


Target Number of Responses:

[to achieve minimum statistical significance]


Total Number of Responses:

1,035 Responses [697 complete + 338 partial]

Total Number of Leads Generated:

220 Leads worth $1.65MM in revenue

Total Number of Contracts Generated:

22 Projects worth $445,000 in revenue;

an additional $190,000 is still in negotiation

Actions Taken

Using the insight gained through the survey initiatives, the firm acted immediately on our recommendations. The firm:

  1. Initiated programs that targeted and educated the most critical influencers of buying decisions, and converted them into evangelists for the firm.
  2. Reprioritized marketing campaigns designed to target key influencers based on survey outcomes.
  3. Solicited, secured, and promoted third party validation from sources universally respected by customers and prospects.
  4. Profiled projects and procured testimonials then published and promoted them.
  5. Developed and launched a new environmentally friendly service.
  6. Launched an internal branding campaign to enforce the alignment of team member behaviors with the attributes customers and prospects identified as most important to their buying decisions.
  7. Refreshed the external brand to emphasize the company’s most valuable strengths (as identified by customers and prospects). This initiative included:
         - Rebranding of the firm’s external advertising message.
         - Redesign and relaunch of the firm’s printed sales materials.
         - Redesign of the firm’s website and implementation of an SEO campaign.
         - Rebranding of the firm’s vehicle fleet.

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