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Differentiate: Establish Your Identity in a Crowded Marketplace

Differentiate: Establish Your Identity in a Crowded MarketplaceYour brand is built or tarnished through every aspect of the customer experience delivered by your business. In other words, the attributes of your brand are defined by customer perception. If you desire to position yourself as the low cost leader, yet customers perceive you to be expensive, you have a serious positioning problem. Either you don't understand the frame of reference that your customers use, you aren't correctly communicating how your product or service is the lowest cost, your competitor research failed to account for competitive alternatives against which your customers compare your product or service, or you are targeting the wrong type of customers (those that don't perceive the value in your offer).

Understand Customer Perceptions

To build a brand, you first must understand customer perceptions. This begins with a customer insight survey. A typical customer insight survey will provide insight into the following:

  • - What triggers the customer's awareness of a need or desire to change the status quo?
  • - For what reasons did the customer decide to explore the possibility of changing the status quo?
  • - What information sources did the customer use to identify options for changing the status quo?
  • - How did the information sources help the customer form his/her decision-making criteria to select which options are the most feasible for his/her circumstance?
  • - What competitive alternatives did the customer evaluate?
  • - How much influence does each information source possess over the customer?
  • - What value is perceived in your products/services versus the competitive alternatives the customer evaluated?

Armed with this insight, Simple builds a powerful, memorable brand [carried across all mediums] and compelling messaging that speaks intimately to the needs and desires of the target customers.Simple will help you differentiate from the competition and establish your identity in a crowded marketplace.

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