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Does Your Marketing Need a Tune Up? Three Critical Questions You Must Answer

Check Under the Hood-Does Your Marketing Need a Tune Up?Because you want to maximize the return on your marketing investment, you must answer these three critical questions to determine whether your marketing strategy and tactics need a tune up.

Mary Rosenbaum, the author of this article, is on target with her message.

  1. What's your reputation? What are past, present and prospective customers saying about your business?

  2. Does your message still resonate with your target audience? Is your message on target? Does it memorably and compellingly address the needs and desires of your target audience?

  3. Are you using the right tools to get your message out? Is your message in the places your target audience relies on and trusts to aid in their buying decisions?

So how can you answer these questions with certainty?

I recommend conducting a customer insight survey. When done properly, these surveys yield a treasure trove of insight that can be applied to improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Surveys can also have an immediate impact on marketing and sales efforts. For example:

  1. People learn about products or services they weren't aware your business offers.

  2. People will often express their interest in learning more about and/or purchasing a product or service from you.

So how can you get started?

First, read this Client Insight Survey Case Study. Then, if you like what you see, contact Simple Business Solutions at (530) 262-6060 to explore how an insight survey can benefit your business.

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