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The Business Case for Business Blogging

RSS-Icon-Business-BloggingI often hear people say that they don’t have time to blog or that they feel it is a waste of time. Here is some compelling research that makes the business case for business blogging. A properly defined editorial calendar and a consistent effort can bear much fruit.

71% say blogs influence their purchasing decisions

Why? Because blogging enables you to influence the decision journey. A strategically developed editorial calendar will develop quality content that speaks to the mindset of your target audience at each phase of the decision journey.

For example, posts meant to trigger the start of the decision journey might look like this:

  • What to do when/if…
  • What not to do when/if…
  • When to…
  • Why…
  • Self-Assessment Questionnaire…

Posts meant to influence readers in the Consideration/Evaluation phase of the decision journey might look like this:

  • Pros & Cons of…
  • How to choose…
  • Questions to ask…
  • What you don’t know about…
  • Things to look for/consider…
  • Comparison Matrix of…

Posts meant to influence the buying decision might look like this:

  • Why choose…
  • What makes X unique/different/valuable…
  • Success stories…

Businesses that blog receive 55% more traffic

According to a recent HubSpot survey of 4,000 businesses, businesses that blog receive 55% more traffic than those that do not. In fact, businesses with 200 or more blog posts receive 4.6x the traffic of those with 20 blog posts or less, and businesses with 400+ pages receive 9x the traffic of those with less than 100 pages.

Quality Attracts Quality

When you produce quality content that consistently adds value to your target audience, you will attract quality links from blogs and websites and you will eventually develop a robust social network. When you couple the quality links and positive social signals, your search engine page rank increases for your targeted keywords. When your search engine page rank increases, you garner more quality visits to your blog/website. When your website traffic increases, you generate more quality leads and ultimately sales.

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