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Use Waste Cost Reduction Analysis to Become More Profitable

Cash from TrashWe all have trash. Taking out that trash isn’t anyone’s favorite task, but it’s necessary. Once the garbage is carted off, you probably don’t give it another thought. But maybe you should think about it.

Are you aware of how much cash you are throwing out with each bag of that trash? A comprehensive waste cost reduction analysis will show you.

Comprehensive waste cost reduction analysis is the key to producing direct refunds, invoice credits and reduced waste disposal expenses for your company. Because most business owners and property management firms don’t have the time, specialized expertise, or inclination to uncover errors, overcharges and cost reduction opportunities in their waste disposal and recycling invoices, thousands of hard earned dollars are thrown away every year.

Types of Waste

A thorough waste cost reduction analysis should study expenses in these areas:

  • Solid waste
  • Medical waste
  • eWaste (electronics)
  • Grease
  • Document shredding
  • Recycling (paper, glass, plastic, oil, etc.)

Waste Cost Reduction Analysis

Efficient waste expense management begins with a waste cost reduction analysis. Since the needs of each business are unique, a cradle to grave study of the waste stream is required. Additionally, your waste and recycling invoices are audited. This provides the data necessary to identify errors, overcharges and expense reduction opportunities.

Custom Waste Expense Management Program

Once the waste stream study has been completed, a custom waste and recycling program is created for your business. This program may include increased recycling, customized pick-up schedules, and right-sizing containers and/or equipment.

Waste & Recycling Contract Optimization

For e-waste, medical waste and recycling, current contracts should be reviewed to ensure that your expenses are optimized. By renegotiating with current providers and/or seeking savings through alternative providers, your cost reduction consultant will optimize your costs and agreements.

Waste & Recycling Program Management

Some waste expense management firms will contract with your business to manage all waste removal and recycling services. This may include customized consolidated billing. The firm may also act on your behalf to directly resolve all customer service issues directly with the waste and recycling providers.

By identifying unnecessary expenditures within your current waste disposal program and implementing a plan to improve its efficiency, your business will soon see increased cash flow. With more money in your pocket, you might actually find yourself looking forward to taking out the trash!

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