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The Business Case for Business Blogging

RSS-Icon-Business-BloggingI often hear people say that they don’t have time to blog or that they feel it is a waste of time. Here is some compelling research that makes the business case for business blogging. A properly defined editorial calendar and a consistent effort can bear much fruit.  

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How Conversion Optimization and SEO Work Together

Search Engine Optimization and Conversion Rate OptimizationIf you’re a freelance writer, blogger, business owner or website builder, chances are you’ve heard two phrases over and over again: “SEO” and “conversion optimization.” While you probably won’t get very far in your field without understanding these two basic concepts, you may not know what either one means. In the ever-changing Internet and computer world, it’s tough to stay on top of trends even if your career depends on it. 

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Cut Costs to Increase Sales

Break free from the vicious cash flow crunch. Cut costs to repurpose cash flow for investment in profit generating activities that increase sales and cash flow.

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Outsource Marketing

Find out why Simple's resources and prowess will help you win new customers, increase the purchasing frequency of existing customers and deepen customer loyalty.

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