Media Management Made SimpleOptimized advertising. Engage a media manager for media planning + media buying

Rather than agonizing over what media mix is best, how much reach, frequency, rating points and impressions are required, and whether you are paying the right price, wouldn't it be easier to engage an experienced media planning and media buying professional to represent you?

All the phone calls and emails from advertising reps? Just send them to us.

Simple becomes your Media Manager. We manage all the relationships with advertising partners and handle all media planning, media buying and media management functions on your behalf. Best of all, we scrutinize every line item of each advertising invoice, each and every month to ensure it matches the contract. You will receive one straightforward invoice from Simple Business Solutions and a comprehensive report that summarizes the impact of your media buy.

Efficient, Effective Media Management

As your media manager, Simple Business Solutions applies mathematics to design the optimal media mix and negotiate the most efficient media buy possible.Your media plan is results driven and cost effective. Your Return on Investment (ROI) is measured and reported. 

Simple's Media Management Services:
Media Planning
  • Media strategies and analysis (recommendations/research/rationale)
  • Target audience analysis and research
  • Demographic research and circulation analysis
  • Client consultation
  • Reach and frequency estimates (size of audience reached by plan)
  • Special event/promotional strategies
  • PSA, partnership and promotion opportunities
  • ROI analysis (campaign measurement metrics)
Media Buying
  • Ratings Analysis
  • Cost analysis/negotiation services
  • Spot rotation analysis
  • Added value (contracted and tracked)
  • Makegoods/credits (negotiated if media ran incorrectly)
  • Invoice audits which match spot time, dates, costs, and commercial numbers with purchased schedule
  • Post-buy analysis/estimate (benchmark +/-10%)
Media Management
  • Advertising partner relations
  • Record keeping
  • Budget recaps
  • Billing
  • Payment processing
  • Maintaining schedules/contracts
  • Buy confirmations
  • Tracking makegoods and credits
  • Trafficking of creative assets

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