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Is It Time for a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Smartphones - time for mobile marketing strategyYesterday I came across this update from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, which provides new data on smartphone ownership in the United States. The report states that 2/3 of young adults and those with income of $75,000+ own smartphones. This statistic made me pause and consider whether the time is right to develop a mobile marketing strategy. If this data makes you wonder the same, here are some questions you can answer to help you make the decision:

  1. Does your business target young adults (ages 18 – 29) and/or individuals with income of $75,000+?

    Generation Y is 100 million strong. They are tech savvy, socially networked, and about to enter their peak earning and consumption years. Make sure you are properly positioned to engage them.

  2. Are you dependent on people finding and coming to your physical place of business?

    In May 2011, Google stated that local searches represent 40% of all mobile searches. This number of mobile searches as a percentage of all Internet searches is expected to increase as more people access the Internet through mobile devices. Some forecasts indicate that by 2015, more people will access the Internet from mobile devices than PCs.

    Beyond finding your business, smartphone ownership and usage has forever altered the way people shop and make purchase decisions (for more on that, read about smartphone user behavior and QR codes).

  3. What percentage of your website visits are from mobile devices? Is that percentage increasing over time?

    This is really easy to check if you have Google Analytics installed on your site – follow these steps:

    • Log In
    • Change the date range to January 1, 2012 through today
    • Click on the ‘Audience’ tab
    • Click on the ‘Mobile’ tab
    • Click on ‘Overview’

    If mobile represents an increasing share of visits to your website, it’s time to consider upgrading to a mobile-friendly website using responsive design.

  4. Do your social media efforts take into account that a growing percentage of your likes, followers and connections are consuming your content via mobile devices?

    comScore reports that the number of mobile social media users is rapidly increasing. Ensure that your status updates, posts and calls to action work in both a desktop and mobile environment.

If you have determined that now is the time for a mobile marketing strategy, be sure to check out next week’s post where I will review various marketing tactics that will help you capitalize on the mobile marketing movement.

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