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Mobile Phone Expense Reduction for Businesses

Mobile Phone Expense Reduction for Businesses

The Agony of Waiting On HoldMobile phone expense reduction for businesses requires as much creativity as it does analytical ability. Here are four things to consider when determining how to reduce expenses for wireless telecom:

  1. The expiration date(s) -- and potential early termination fees -- of your business mobile phone plan(s) and options. Differing expiration dates may limit what your business is able to achieve from a cost reduction perspective.

  2. Individual versus shared calling, messaging and data plans. “Right sizing” the number of minutes, messages and data included in the plan based on actual usage patterns within your business can be tricky. Seasonality can be a killer – deviations above or below the “average” can be extremely expensive for your business.

  3. Awareness of and qualification for all applicable discounts, rebates, etc. available from wireless carriers.

  4. Ongoing management of the new mobile phone plan once cost reduction has been achieved. This encompasses:
    • Additions to plan (lines, features, options)
    • Changes to features and options
    • Removals from plan (lines, features, options)

How many hours are you willing to commit to analyze your cell phone bill(s), research voice, text/messaging and data plan options, negotiate with wireless carriers, and calculate which carrier and/or plan(s) will save your business the most money? If you decide to tackle this on your own, be prepared to:

  • Spend A LOT of time listening to cheesy music while you’re on hold (think hours, not minutes)
  • Speak to several representatives from the same wireless carrier
  • Receive conflicting information from representatives from the same wireless carrier, resulting in even more cheesy music and conversations with new representatives to obtain clarity
  • Be more confused about your plan and what you are paying for than before you started

You may be better served by engaging a cost reduction consultant to perform a telecom expense reduction analysis on your wireless and landline telecommunications services. An experienced expense reduction analyst can optimize your mobile phone bill far more quickly and effectively than you could on your own. This allows you to stay focused on what you do best – running your business.

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