Marketing Services
Outsource Marketing ExecutionOffline and online marketing services; outsource marketing execution

Brilliant marketing strategy without flawless execution is useless. Protect your valuable time and energy. Focus on what you do best. Allow Simple to design and execute a common-sense, integrated marketing plan to increase sales.

It begins with great Marketing Strategy

If you feel overwhelmed by all the jargon, the technology, and things that must be done to promote your business, then stop. Simple Business Solutions will select the marketing strategies and tactics to employ, create the marketing plan and budget, then develop the scorecard to track and report results. This scorecard delivers visibility into the performance of your business. By knowing what is working, and what is not, you can make quick, intelligent decisions about how to increase sales and maximize profitability.

Project Management

We drive the implementation project progress, timelines, and budget. We oversee partners’ work on the project [e.g., graphic design, web design, multimedia production, etc.] and provide project progress reporting and action planning during our regularly scheduled working meetings with you.

Media Management

Simple Business Solutions becomes your advertising agency. We handle media planning, media buying, production, and media invoice auditing so you don't have to.

Online Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
We work tirelessly to improve your website’s content and structure in order to increase its rankings for targeted keywords in the search engine results pages. An arsenal of tools and ethical search engine optimization techniques are applied to drive more targeted traffic to your website. This involves optimization of internal website components, keyword research and selection, integration of keywords into relevant components of the website, and results tracking and reporting.

Pay Per Click Advertising [PPC]
Simple Business Solutions designs and administers Pay per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns on sites such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook, and LinkedIn. This involves keyword research and selection, management of keyword matching options, ad creation, bid management, and results tracking and reporting.

Content Marketing

We engage in ongoing content marketing campaigns to establish thought leadership, build your brand, and drive more traffic and inbound links to your website. Simple works with you to build and execute the Content Generation and Marketing Plan. The objective is to create a foundation of core content that can be customized for niche audiences and widely promoted through different communication channels.

Direct Marketing Services

Simple Business Solutions creates and manages your direct marketing campaigns using vehicles such as email, direct mail, SMS [text messaging], and telemarketing.

Offline Marketing Services

As part of the overall marketing plan, Simple Business Solutions evaluates the efficacy of both traditional and unorthodox marketing services to grow your revenue. These include internal and external signage, grassroots marketing, and guerrilla marketing tactics.

Think Simple...Outsource marketing

Outsource marketing execution to Simple Business Solutions. Leverage our talents and resources to grow your business.

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Outsource Marketing

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