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Increase Revenue Through Strategic Marketing

Increase Revenue Through Strategic MarketingSimple Business Solutions' strategic marketing methodology has helped local businesses and others across the western U.S. dramatically increase revenue. By auditing the effectiveness of current marketing efforts, developing an integrated marketing plan, then measuring and maximizing results, Simple has helped its clients achieve record growth during one of the worst economic periods in U.S. history. 

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Reduce Small Business Operating Expenses

Maximize profit. Reduce expenses to increase cash flowThe impact of cost reduction is rapid and significant.  Every dollar of cost savings goes directly to the bottom line of your business. If your company operates on a 25% cash flow margin, every one dollar saved through expense reduction is worth four dollars of extra sales.  In other words, if ten thousand dollars in cost savings were identified during a cost reduction analysis, your company would need to grow revenue by forty thousand dollars to achieve the equivalent increase in cash flow. 

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Differentiate: Establish Your Identity in a Crowded Marketplace

Differentiate: Establish Your Identity in a Crowded MarketplaceYour brand is built or tarnished through every aspect of the customer experience delivered by your business. In other words, the attributes of your brand are defined by customer perception. If you desire to position yourself as the low cost leader, yet customers perceive you to be expensive, you have a serious positioning problem. Either you don't understand the frame of reference that your customers use, you aren't correctly communicating how your product or service is the lowest cost, your competitor research failed to account for competitive alternatives against which your customers compare your product or service, or you are targeting the wrong type of customers (those that don't perceive the value in your offer). 

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Cut Costs to Increase Sales

Break free from the vicious cash flow crunch. Cut costs to repurpose cash flow for investment in profit generating activities that increase sales and cash flow.

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Outsource Marketing

Find out why Simple's resources and prowess will help you win new customers, increase the purchasing frequency of existing customers and deepen customer loyalty.

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